Since 1897 we are producing incense cones in the tradition of our founder Carl Jäger, who built the first establishment in Crottendorf/ Erzgebirge.

Modern technology and experience help us always to create new topical articles.
Evergreens like “Real Pine” or “Real Incense red and black” remain garants for our range of articles.
Our current products are the result of a long family tradition. Experience and knowledge build the foundation for creative work.
Special wrappings are also very important for the conservation of smell.
Not only incense cones but also incense sticks, real incense and accessories are offered in our line of products.
We hope you understand, that our website cannot present the whole selection of products. Nevertheless it opens new possibilities for our distribution all over the world.

We hope, that we could have waken up your interest.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us to lay claim to our service.

Incense Cones and Sticks

Our incense cones are manufactured with fine tradition based on our founder’s home in Crottendorf/Erzgebirge. We solely use best raw materials, finest natural and nature-identical flavour in accordance with carefullness and devotion for the detail. Among experts our goods are the best – often tried to copy but never matched the quality! Besides our incense cones the incense sticks made in-house speaks for themselves: The secret is the selection of fine ingredients. Contrary to standard practice elsewhere we renounce bamboo cores which are usually used in imported products for stabilisation.

Due to a specially developed technical process we are able to produce the sticks steadily. All of this means that the excellent smell of sandalwood is not covererd by inferior raw materials.

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Incense and Myrrh

Real boswellia (lat. Gummi olibanum) is an almost pure natural product. The incense we use is harvested from balsam trees and only refined by cleaning and if necessary mixed with natural products like sandalwood, lavender flowers or myrrh. Besides that we can achieve different grain sizes with a special developed gentle milling process. We are proud of beeing Germany’s leading wholesaler as this is an exotic and valuable raw material. Harvested by hand, rare occurrence exclusive in dry areas which have special climatic conditions, around the Horn of Africa, Arabia and India make incense unique and exclusive.

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As the third pillar charcoul rounds off our product portfolio. As a matter of course we produce these items by ourselfs since it is our ambition to meet the customers’ demands with the right solutions.

Not only two various forms (in round and square shape) and sizes (3,5 and 5 centimeters) are offered. Furthermore all variations – so as „ignite a lighter“ or the „classical version“ – are available for the special electrical coal lighter.

Using a maschine – beeing converted by Hellmuth Jäger to a coal squeezer and giving valuable input since – the coal mixture gets compressed in a way that the final product helds its shape even in a blazing condition. Depending on the quantity it can be used for smoking incense e.g. from 45 up to 90 minutes.

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